Introduction Edit

William Hartnell, named after the actor of the first doctor in "Doctor Who", is Dstuff's character in JonCodec's Perp Series. William is a cannibal who is insecure about his desire to eat people, and usually does it in private. Other than that he is seemingly normal, but is known to have constant muscle spasms, especially around police officers. William has a bluetooth that gives him the ability to absorb bullets, and other damage to his body.William took an airplane to Isla Vista 2 to meet up with his old middle-school friend Jon Codec, who is in desperate need of a bodyguard to protect him from his insane girlfriend (who is featured in this prank cameo).

Backstory Edit

Tom Baker was a cop from New York City, but was dishonorably discharged due to eating an escaping suspect. Tom decided to become a simple accountant, and also took up a role as a superhero who ate his enemies. He was soon arrested and sent to prison, which he escaped from. Tom decided to change his name to William, so as to not get caught.

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