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Introduction Edit

Dstuff (DishonorableStuff) runs a role-playing channel where he usually plays as the leader of the group. He is known to play as a mentally-insane, yet low-key cannibal character on some occasions such as in JonCodec's Perp Series. He plays a variety of role-play games, and sometimes plays various flash games or other miscellaneous things online. He is usually laid back, and mellow while role-playing, and is known to make strange videos with his cat Jimmy, usually during a subscriber milestone "special", a recurring theme where he shows his cat and says "Aww, jimmy". Dstuff is generally regarded as the leader, and records most of his content with his best friend/co-owner of the Newb Crew named JonCodec. Not much is known about Dstuff's personal life, however it is known that he lives with his parents, two cats, and sister.


Bio Edit

Real Name: David J. Richards

Catch Phrases:

"Awww, Jimmy!"

"Sweet, sweet jimothy."

"I just want to dunk you in my cawfffee!" (When seeing something cute)

"Heyyyy Guyysss"

"So autistic..."


"That's no good."

"This is amazing."

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